5 Things Every Good Lawn Care Regime Should Include

Fall is here and your lawn is preparing for winter temperatures—you should be too! As we look to the season ahead, we want to address the steps to take to ensure your lawn is equipped to brave the cold. Here’s our list of 5 things every good lawn care regime should include. 



One of the key times to fertilize your lawn is in the spring. It’s important to choose an all-season product that will provide nutrition for your lawn after being covered in snow for months. The next is in the fall when your lawn is saving its nutrients to prepare for the winter ahead. 

A good fertilizer will stimulate your lawn’s growth, increase its nutrient uptake, and help it bounce back from any stressors it may face. Fertilizer is designed to help your lawn succeed no matter the weather conditions.   


Weed Control 

Weeds are pesky and unwelcome on our lawns and there are many different common types to be aware of. If you are looking for an effective treatment, a combination approach of hand-picking the root, and a natural, odourless spot treatment will be your best defense. It is most important to identify what type of weeds might be invading your lawn. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common lawn weeds we treat:  

  • Crabgrass is often the most common and stubborn as you need to have a deeply watered lawn to defeat these weeds.  
  • Dandelions can be treated by hand or Fiesta; similar to thistles that may need a two-tone approach to get rid of.  
  • The stubborn clover may need several treatments once in bloom.  




Protection Against Surface Insects 

Brown spots, spongy patches, and grass that just doesn’t seem to grow are all signs your lawn could be infected with pests. It is important to treat these pests in the proper manner as soon as possible. Use our guide for best practices! 

There are many types of pests, but the most common are grubs. Grubs are the white/yellow and c-shaped larvae of June Beetles, European chafers, and Japanese beetles.  



Aerating your lawn helps to reduce thatch, improve nutrient and moisture uptake and ultimately enhance your lawn’s ability to withstand environmental stresses. Enabling your lawn to rejuvenate after a long summer is important and aeration provides many benefits by allowing your lawn to receive the air, water and nutrients it needs to replenish. 


Compost/Seed Application 

Compost improves your soil quality, allowing your grass to gather and retain moisture and nutrients at a much healthier rate. Our exclusive mix also combines grass seed with our granular compost, and has the added benefit of acting as a form of overseeding. 

 It’s important to note that a good lawn care regimen should be adjusted based on the condition of your lawn. There are treatments to help revitalize your lawn that a healthy lawn may not need. There are also treatments that should be utilized based on the change of seasons no matter the state of your lawn. 


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