Getting to Know Your Weeds

It’s good to know your enemies and if you’re like usweeds are definitely not friends! With that being said, here’s a rundown of the five most common weeds and the most effective ways to combat them.


One of the most common weeds you’ll find is crabgrass. Not only that, it’s also one of the most annoying. You can tackle crabgrass by watering deeply and frequently as this will strengthen the grass. Your lawn needs to be at full strength to keep these weeds away, so to learn more about dealing with crabgrass, check out our blog post.


While our Fiesta herbicide is effective against dandelions, it is also helpful to remove as many as you can by hand. In order to combat these intrusive pests, you need to digand dig deepto ensure you get all of the roots. It’s best to use a combination of the two methods, as any trace of dandelion left behind will just keep coming back. For more advice, read our tips on dealing with dandelions.


Characterized by their thick leaves, these spiky weeds can be hard to deal with. However, there are some surefire ways to get rid of them. To hand pull thistle, step on them and twist to free them from the ground to allow for easy removal. Thistle, like dandelions, are also particularly susceptible to our weed control treatment.


Some might consider clover to be lucky, but for most it’s anything but! This weed is particularly troublesome when it flowers because it becomes even more obvious. The best way to remove clover is with multiple weed applications, otherwise it will just keep coming back. Our Fiesta herbicide is effective with clover, but you may need several applications to really keep this weed at bay.

While there are many different types of weeds, they’re all commonly annoying and unwelcome on our lawns. If you need help removing them, get in contact with Hometurf Lawn Care at 1-888-791-8873. Learn more about our services by visiting our FAQ page and don’t forget to read our other blog posts for the best lawn care tips and tricks!