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Helpful Tips That Remove Dandelions From Your Lawn

Have Dandelions Invaded Your Lawn?

Dandelions are the most hated weed by anyone with a lawn. Although their name sounds sweet and innocent, they’re anything but that. Dandelions can reproduce from their taproot, which can reach over 3 feet deep in the soil, as well as from their seeds. This is why they’re such a difficult weed to control. If you follow some of these simple methods, you will be able to prevent these pesky weeds from taking over your turf.

Person removing dandelions from lawn


6 Tips That Remove Dandelions From Your Lawn

1. Use your muscles

Hand digging is the most effective way to remove dandelions, but unfortunately, it is also the most time-consuming. The key to hand-digging dandelions to remove them is to get the deep taproot because any remaining root pieces can regenerate the weed. Make sure you water the weeds the day before you plan to weed (it makes them easier to pull) and have a long narrow tool to help loosen the soil.


2. Mow them Down

At first sight of dandelions’ yellow heads, it’s time to mow your lawn. This will prevent them from turning into white puff balls and spreading more seeds on your lawn. You can also use a bag attachment on your mower to mitigate the spread of seeds if those dandelions have started to change.

removing dandelions with a lawn mower


3. Mow High

Cutting your grass at a high blade setting is considered to be one of the top methods to fight against weeds. Tall grass shades dandelion seedlings and smothers them, which prevents them from growing.


4. Overseeding/Fertilizing

Maintaining a healthy lawn is the best defense against dandelions taking over your turf. Overseeding and fertilizing not only helps in maintaining a healthy lawn, but it also helps your lawn to become thicker and denser, which will block out the sun and keep dandelion seeds from reaching the soil.

Covering dandelions with mulch


5. Cover them

Although it’s an unappealing look and a slower process, you can cover over the dandelions with mulch or grass clippings. By leaving the mulch or grass clippings on the lawn, it will smother the weed by depriving it of sunlight and oxygen, and it will stop new ones from growing.


6. Spray them, Don’t Torch them

In recent years, using a propane torch to singe dandelion heads has become a popular weed removal technique. This can be a way to get rid of them, but it can also destroy your lawn, so spray them instead! Spraying dandelions with herbicides will help stop them from taking over your yard. There are a variety of herbicides on the market that will assist in eliminating dandelions, but be careful when using them. Herbicides, when not used correctly, can cause more harm than good to your lawn. Herbicides if not selected correctly, can damage surrounding turf and can be expensive and messy. They also require safe disposal and storage when the product is not used completely. Most importantly, many popular herbicides are banned in Ontario as of 2009, so be sure to check before you make a purchase.

Does Mowing Dandelions Spread Them?

Mowing dandelions does not contribute to their spread, but it also does not prevent it. To prevent their spread, collect the dandelion seed heads in a bag and remove them from your yard to reduce seed dispersal.

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