Add Granular Compost and Seed to Make Lawn Care Easy

As an add-on to any Hometurf Complete or Deluxe program, we offer a granular compost and seed service that can significantly improve the longevity and health of your lawn.

Granular compost is a dried up version of regular compost, which allows it to be spread much easier than traditional styles. Once spread across your lawn, it will be activated once it touches moisture. The dried up version also makes for a much cleaner and easier process than with typical compost, but the real benefits come with your lawn.

Granular compost helps your lawn in almost every way throughout the summer months. It improves your soil quality, allowing your grass to gather and retain moisture and nutrients at a much healthier rate. With the added strength your grass’ health is more likely to stay consistent during the droughts and extreme heat that come in June, July and August.

On top of that, it creates a more hospitable environment for microorganisms that can breakdown organic matter like thatch and grass trimmings.

Our mix also combines grass seed with our granular compost, so as to have the added benefit of acting as a form of overseeding. You can click here to find the full benefits of overseeding in the spring, but here are some quick notes:

  • Promotes a full, lush lawn
  • Reduces thatch buildup
  • Rids your lawn of dead spots
  • Prevents future thin spots
  • Reduces need to tear up turf

The seed mixed in with the granular compost is our very own Certified Grade-A Grass Seed. Hometurf’s proprietary grass seed is 100% certified and given the highest rating by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP), which, in essence, means that over the course of the summer, it is much more effective than most seeds. If you want to learn about any of the other proprietary products that come with our programs, click here.

If you would like to have a Hometurf professional apply a granular compost to your lawn, click here to get in touch with us today.