Hometurf technician applying a spray to customer's lawn.

The Benefits of Liquid Aeration

Aeration in the fall is common as we prepare our lawns for the winter season, but there are different options to choose from between liquid aeration and core aeration. While core aeration provides immediate relief for your lawn, there are several long-lasting benefits of using a liquid solution. It’s for this reason that Hometurf will now be offering both liquid and core aeration services for your lawn.

Enabling your lawn to rejuvenate after a long summer is important and aeration provides many benefits by allowing your lawn to receive the air, water and nutrients it needs to replenish. This process is especially important before winter as your grass prepares itself to spring forward in the new year.  

What is Liquid Aeration? 

Liquid aeration involves applying the lawn with a natural solution that increases oxygen levels at the roots and enables water to access the soil at a deeper level. While core aeration works by pulling out plugs of soil, liquid aeration permeates through the top of the soil and creates channels to allow nutrients to penetrate and roots to expand. This reduces soil compaction, improves nutrient and moisture absorption, and increases overall strength of your lawn to deal with the impact of winter.  

Aerator being operated by a Hometurf technician

What is Core Aeration? 

The process of core aeration involves pulling compact plugs of soil from the ground using a lawn aerator. This process provides immediate relief for your lawn. By physically creating space in your lawn, this quickly allows oxygen, water and other nutrients to easily penetrate the soil. Much like the liquid solution, this reduces thatch buildup, mitigates puddling and simply allows your soil to breathe more easily.  

The Difference Between Liquid Core Aeration 

Core aeration is a great option as it provides a quick and ready solution for your lawn. So, if your lawn is looking particularly worse for wear after a tough summer then core aeration is definitely a smart solution. On the other hand, liquid aeration is a solution that provides benefits that are longer lasting and won’t take such an immediate effect. This process is therefore more beneficial to the overall health and longevity of your lawn.  

Since the two different aeration treatments provide such varying solutions, it’s common for them to be used in unison. When doing so, core aeration is used to create gaps in the top of the soil and then a liquid aeration can be applied to reach even deeper and provide longer lasting relief for your grass.  

lawn liquid aeration

Liquid Aeration Services at Hometurf 

We are excited to announce that Hometurf now offers liquid aeration as a service for your lawn. Just in time for the fall season, we will now offer both options so your lawn can benefit from the aeration solution that suits it best. For more fall lawn care tips, check out our Fall-Proof Lawn Guide

If you’d like your lawn to feel the benefits of a fall aeration treatment, sign up for a Hometurf Lawn Care program or purchase aeration as an additional service.  Get started with an instant online quote. For more information about our services, visit our FAQs page and for our expert seasonal tips, check out our blog posts!