The Fall-Proof Guide to Autumn Lawn Care

While a never-ending summer may be a dream for some people, your lawn is looking forward to the cooler temperatures of fall. As the end of summer draws closer, this doesn’t mean you should stop caring for your lawn. In this blog we will discuss how to continue getting the most out of your lawn, to make sure you don’t let your standards fall this autumn! 

Taking the appropriate care of your lawn during late summer and early fall ensures your grass can replenish after a long summer of increased heat and activity. This will prove especially beneficial next year when the snow melts, enabling your grass to get a head start in the spring.  

Fall Feeding 

The fall is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn since it will be replenishing its stocks following the hardships of summer. The nutrients in the fertilizer will promote grass to become thick and strong to help your lawn withstand the harsh winter conditionsHometurf’s slow-release fertilizer treatment, available with our Complete and Deluxe programsis packed full of all the essential nutrients, including nitrogen, to create the perfect green lawn. For more information about fall fertilization, check out our dedicated blog post 

Autumnal Aeration 

Another crucial autumn lawn care treatment is aeration. During the fall, aerating your lawn will again help replenish the grass but also improve its ability to withstand diseases over the winter. Aeration creates small holes for which air, water and other important nutrients can penetrate deep into the soil. This is an important step as aeration not only provides important benefits to your lawn, but it also enhances all your other efforts such as fertilizing.  

The benefits of aeration include stronger and deeper grassroots, reduced puddling and water runoff, and improvements in air intake. In the long term, your lawn will also be less susceptible to disease and thatch buildup. Read our blog post to find out more about the benefits of fall aeration. 

Soon it will be time to start raking leaves off your lawn again but it’s important to remember that by getting your lawn in shipshape this fall, you will set it up for success next year. For more tips about caring for your lawn, not only for the fall but also for the spring, then check out our guide to preparing your lawn for next year 

To make sure your lawn is at its best this fall, sign up to Hometurf Lawn Care by getting an instant online quoteFor information about our additional fall servicesvisit our FAQ page and for all the best tips and trickscheck out our other blog posts!