Lawn Fertilizer During Fall

Why you Need to Fertilize your Lawn this Fall

We always get asked by homeowners, “Do I need to fertilize my lawn in the fall,” and our answer is always yes! Many homeowners believe that when summer is over, so is taking care of your lawn, but this is not the case. In reality, with fall right around the corner, this is the best time to prepare your turf for the bitter Canadian winter. It’s time to get started! So, read on to learn why you need to fertilize your lawn in the fall and how to do it.

Benefits of Fall Lawn Fertilization

The summer months can be harsh on your lawn, with heat and other factors, your lawn is in need of some recovering. The best way to help your lawn recover and prepare for the winter is to fertilize it! When you fertilize your lawn in the fall, your lawn is going to reap the benefits next spring. Fertilizing in the fall helps your lawn grow stronger roots, giving it a base to come back in the spring and thrive. It also helps minimize the damage that Canadian winters and disease can have on your grass. Most importantly, fertilizer provides a source of energy for the roots and will help with spring green up, which will help you enjoy a greener lawn sooner. 


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When is the Best Time to Fertilize Your Lawn?

Proper timing for fall fertilization is critical. If done too early you could be inviting damage from the winter weather, such as snow mold. The best time to fertilize can depend on the climate, but typically September and October are usually the best months to apply fall fertilizer. Make sure to complete your fall fertilization 2-3 weeks before the ground freezes to ensure that your lawn reaps the full benefits of the fertilizer and avoids winter damage.


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How to Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn is the easy part! First, mow your lawn to give it a fresh start, then it’s time to apply the fertilizer. Choose a fertilizer that works best for your turf and follow the instructions. As stated above, fertilize sometime in mid-October and for the best coverage use a walk-behind spreader, although a crank spreader will work just as well. Using a spreader will ensure that your fertilizer is spread evenly and consistent throughout your lawn, but most importantly, ensures you don’t miss any spots.


Fall fertilization is essential to ensure your turf is protected against the harsh winter. Have a green lawn next spring by fertilizing your lawn in the fall, or you can save yourself the trouble by giving us a call today at 1.888.791.8873 and prepare your turf for next spring. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about our services and what we can do to help you get a healthy green lawn.