Halloween jack-o'-lanterns on a green lawn.

Hocus Pocus Lawn Care Myths

To get in the Halloween spirit, in this blog we will be going over some hocus pocus lawn care myths to make sure you avoid a Nightmare on Your Street anytime soon. From watering and mowing to using spiked shoes for aeration, we will carve through some common misconceptions about lawn care and put you on the right path to having a spookily green lawn. 

The Silence of the Lawns  

The first myth is that lawns should only be taken care of in the high season of summer. While it is important to take extra care of your lawn in the hotter, dryer temperatures, that does not mean that once fall comes around lawn care is finished until the next summer. In the fall and spring, you should be aerating and overseeding your lawn so it’s at its peak during the summer months.

The Watering Hour 

Another popular lawn care myth is that it doesn’t matter when you water your lawn. This is false since watering late at night or in the middle of the day when it’s hottest, can be harmful. When you water at the hottest time of day, the water will evaporate at a much higher rate which will ultimately leave your lawn underwatered. Watering your lawn at night is even more damaging as this will promote fungus growth. For more information about watering in the summer, check out this blog.

28 Mows Later  

While we’re discussing paranormal activity in the summer, another misconception is that mowing shorter means mowing less often. If you mow your grass too short you can damage the plant and prevent regrowth. It is instead very important to adjust the height based on the time of year and the grass type you have. When you mow your lawn at a longer length, you encourage growth and help the grass replenish itself. Read this dedicated blog to learn more about proper mowing practices. 

Be-leaf It or Not  

Moving on to a more fall related lawn care mythaerating with spiked shoes. While it may seem more beneficial than no aeration at all, we advise you to hire an aerator or a lawn care professional with access to one. Using spiked shoes will actually increase soil compaction as they push soil further into the ground rather than pulling plugs out of the ground. This means your lawn will need aeration even more than before!

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