Summer Lawn tips

Making the Most of Your Lawn This Summer

With the hot summer months of July and August upon us, it’s time to reap the rewards of hard work made in spring. The spring season was important in creating a healthy lawn, but the summertime is all about maintaining its good health. So now, more than ever, your lawn needs to be carefully maintained with a consistent amount of watering.

It’s especially important to care for your lawn in the summer as it deals with increased use and the sweltering heat. Of course these practices vary depending on the type of grass you have on your lawn, so make sure you understand your grass type before you begin.

Summer lawn care tips

Watering Tips

It is important to water your lawn frequently in the summer months as rainfall becomes more and more sparse. In order to reduce water wastage, water early in the morning. By doing so you prevent water from being evaporated when the temperatures are hottest at midday. Although it may be cooler, avoid watering at night as this can lead to lawn diseases. This occurs as water clings to grass blades, which in turn promotes fungus.

To ensure you are applying the optimal amount of water to your lawn, keep a gauge of how much water you are using. When using a sprinkler system, place a number of containers (such as cans) on your lawn in several different areas to measure watering levels. You should aim to give your lawn at least one inch of water per week, but generally no more than 1.5 inches.

Mowing Tips

It is also essential to mow the lawn properly during these scorching hot months. Mowing high is crucial to battling drought and weeds, as well as promoting deeper roots. To prevent tearing grass blades, keep the blades razor sharp as this will help promote good grass health. For more information on how best to mow your lawn, check out our blog post.

Treating brown grass in the summer

Dealing With Brown Grass

It is normal for lawns to turn brown in extreme heat, as this may signal the grass has become dormant. However, the grass could be dead so it’s always good to make sure as this will affect how you approach your lawn care practice. Read our blog post to learn how to deal with brown lawns.

If your lawn has turned brown, you have two options: either begin and maintain a watering schedule, or allow the grass to go dormant until the autumn. Grass can stay alive for several weeks while dormant, but do not try to resurrect the grass by watering and then letting it go dormant again as this will damage the plant.

While it may be normal for your lawn to turn brown over the hot summer months, watch out for insect infestations as they are more common when your lawn is vulnerable.

If you need help maintaining your lawn this summer, give us a call at 1-888-791-8873. We’ll get your lawn the treatment it deserves and help it handle hot summer weather. Learn more about our services by visiting our FAQ page and don’t forget to read our other blog posts for all the best lawn care tips and tricks!