Help Your Lawn Recover from Summer Stress

The sun has been beating down on your lawn all summer and maintaining healthy, green grass has been challenging. Fall is a great time to fix damage resulting from summer stress! Warm soil temperatures, cool weather, and ample precipitation make for great growing conditions and help in the recovery process.  

 Proper Watering 

The most efficient time to water your lawn is during the cooler part of the day between 6 and 10 in the morning. This will ensure your lawn will absorb the water rather than quickly drying out and evaporating from the sun. This can also strengthen the grass blades and cause less strain.  

While you may think it’s a good idea at first, running your sprinkler overnight creates the perfect condition for fungus. Water can cling to the blades of grass overnight, and this standing water will promote fungus growth. Improper watering can also lead to weed growth, read our blog for weed prevention tips! 

Keep Off My Lawn! 

Walking on a well-watered lawn will cause grass blades to spring back and stand upright. On a dry lawn, the grass stays beaten down, and the grass itself can be damaged. Heavy foot traffic on wet soil can also lead to soil compaction, which keeps air from getting to grassroots. Keeping your lawn well-watered will assist with aeration and maintain moisture as the weather gets drier. Speaking of aeration, that leads us to our final tip! 

 Aeration, Aeration, Aeration 

Aeration helps to loosen soil that has become compacted and helps oxygen get to the roots of your lawn. Aeration is integral to maximizing your chances of maintaining a healthy lawn! Hometurf offers fall aeration to help enable your lawn to rejuvenate after a long summer. Help your lawn receive the air, water and nutrients it needs to replenish. Hire a professional lawn care company to help take the stress off you! Learn about the benefits of signing up for a Hometurf Lawncare Program in our blog. 

 Invest in professional lawn care services with Hometurf Lawn Care today by calling us at 1-888-791-8873. Once you book with our team, read through our blog on what to expect when you’re expecting Hometurf!   

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