Additional Services

Spring into action by preparing your lawn for its best year yet! Take advantage of the essential services from Hometurf such as aeration, dethatching and our all-new grub control.

Liquid Aeration

Improve the overall health of your soil with long-lasting effects. Hometurf’s liquid aeration service uses a natural solution that will increase rootzone oxygen levels and allow for deeper penetration of water. Similar to physical aeration, liquid aeration helps to reduce thatch, improve nutrient and moisture uptake and ultimately enhance your lawn’s ability to withstand environmental stresses.

From $69.95

Granular Compost and Seed

Hometurf’s Granular Compost and Seed Mix is the best way to rejuvenate a tired lawn! Spread evenly over your lawn, this compost mixture helps to improve soil quality and seed germination. Perfect for lawns that may need a helping hand filling out due to poor soil conditions.

From $79.95

Grub Control

Grubs and beetles thrive by eating BTG protein crystals that are located deep within the root zone. The BTG active ingredient, Crystal insecticidal protein, is formulated into our natural Grub Control product, which activates inside the insect pest target when ingested. The insects will stop feeding, become inactive and then grubs be gone!

From $120.00


Lawns with heavy thatch build up often suffer from poor nutrient uptake and improper drainage, resulting in poor growing conditions for turf. Hometurf’s De-thatching Service removes excessive thatch buildup with a mechanical power rake. Recommended for lawns with more than a 1/2" layer of thatch.

From $99.95

Dethatching and Overseeding

Combine the benefits of detaching with Hometurf’s Premium Over-Seeding! We spread our unique blends of Hometurf Premium Grass Seed over your existing lawn to create a rich, thick turf base that not only looks great but will help defend against intrusive weeds. All of our Hometurf Premium Grass Seed blends use only high quality, Certified Seed. The result is weed-free, thicker turf even in high traffic and shaded areas.

From $129.95

Fall Aeration

Aeration reduces thatch buildup and soil compaction, allowing air and important nutrients to reach the root zone. Small cores of soil and thatch are mechanically removed from the lawn and left to break down. The nutrients return to the soil, resulting in a lawn that breathes better with less puddling and reduced thatch buildup.

From $69.95

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