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The Importance of Having a Spring Lawn Care Plan

When creating your spring-cleaning game plan for the season, don’t forget to add lawn care to the list!  

Read on to learn about the benefits of restoring your lawn to a healthy state this spring season. 


Healthy Lawns Help with Drought Resistance 

Over the winter months, lawns can become compact from ice and snow which restricts root growth ultimately causing drought. 

Hometurf’s Core Aeration service pulls out plugs of soil to ensure that water, fertilizer, and air can penetrate deep into the earth to allow roots to grow deeper and stronger. This will be key to helping your lawn tolerate the hot dry sun come summer.  

The Greener the Grass, the Cooler the Air 

Did you know that lawns play a pivotal role in controlling our climate? 

When temperatures are high in the summer, lawns absorb the sun’s heat during the day and slowly release it at night creating a temperature balance.  

In fact, temperatures on grass surfaces are on average 10-14 degrees cooler on hot days in comparison to concrete.  

We recommend using Hometurf’s Soil Rejuvenator to improve soil structure and promote better seed germination, nutrient retention, and water-holding capacity. This program add-on will help keep you and your family cool in the summer heat!  

Thicker Lawns Means Cleaner Air 

While we’ve learned that grass uses photosynthesis to trap carbon dioxide (CO2) and convert it to oxygen, did you know that grass also traps dust? 

Trapping dust increases air quality, not only making the air easier to breathe, but it also leads to cleaner windows and cars! 

To ensure that your lawn is strong enough to trap dust particles and CO2, we recommend Hometurf’s fertilizer application which introduces nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium into your lawn.  

Luscious Lawns for Quieter Days 

Did you know that lawns act as a noise insulator?  

Thick luscious lawns have the capacity to absorb sound produced by people, traffic, and your surroundings in general.  

In order to possess the properties needed for noise insulation, it is important to thicken up your lawn as much as possible by introducing new seed. We recommend using Hometurf’s Granular Compost and Seed Mix– a proprietary blend that can’t be found anywhere else! 

Thicker Roots Help Filter Water 

The built in filtration system a healthy lawn provides is up to 10 times less acidic than rainwater hitting a hard surface. 

The filtration occurs as water leaches through the root zone of lawns with any chemicals being broken down by soil microbes.  

To reap the benefits of a healthy lawn this spring, sign up to Hometurf Lawn Care by getting an instant online quote. For information about our additional fall services, visit our FAQ page and for all the best tips and tricks, check out our other blog posts!