summer and fall lawn care services with hometurf

Summer & Fall Add-on Services with Hometurf Lawn Care

While we’re still very much enjoying the summer heat, we’re starting to see fall clothing and back to school ads, which only means one thing; fall is around the corner. It’s not too late to take advantage of Hometurf’s summer lawn care services, and it’s also not too early to start thinking ahead for fall. Read on for more information about Hometurf’s seasonal add-on services!

Summer Lawn Care Add-ons 

Hometurf’s summer add-on services are designed to keep pests and weeds away to help your lawn stay healthy all season long. 

Grubs Be Gone! 

If your lawn is struggling with grubs, you’re not alone! At this time of year, grubs are looking for moist healthy lawns in which to lay their eggs. During late summer and into the fall, grubs feed on turf grass roots and can severely damage your lawn’s root system. One of the most common symptoms of grubs is the onset of skunks and raccoons feeding on your lawn. Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Rake the affected area to remove dead grass, then distribute grass seed evenly over the area. 
  2. Rake the grass seed into the soil, then cover with a layer of topsoil or compost.  
  3. Keep the newly seeded area moist until seeds have germinated, and seedlings matured. 
  4. Resume your regular mowing and maintenance routine! 

Get grubs under control with Hometurf’s Grub Control service! Visit our website to learn more about how we can help. 

Weed Control  

At this point in the season, you’ve got a good handle on those pesky weeds that pop up here and there throughout your lawn. Now’s the time to ensure that your paths, patios, and driveways are weed-free as well. Hometurf is proud to use a selective weed control spot treatment to effectively target individual weeds, thereby reducing the unnecessary spraying of herbicides across a larger area. 

It’s important to remember that traditional weed control, such as our selective spot treatment, is limited to treating weeds once they emerge. The long-term elimination of weeds also requires aeration and overseeding to improve the thickness of a lawn, which is shown to be the best defense against weeds returning. 

Break free from weeds with Hometurf’s Weed Control service today! 

summer and fall lawn care services

Fall Lawn Care Add-ons 

Without sparking the end of summer scaries, now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to prepare your lawn for cooler weather. Hometurf’s fall add-on services are designed to promote root regrowth to rejuvenate your lawn after a sweltering summer, as well as to prepare your lawn for chilly winter weather ahead.   


Hometurf’s De-thatching Service utilizes a mechanical power rake to remove heavy thatch buildup that can prevent poor nutrient uptake and improper drainage, halting the growth of new grass.  

Overseeding and Dethatching 

Our De-thatching and Overseeding Service combines the benefits of dethatching with overseeding. Our technicians use our own unique blend of premium grass seed to repair and rebuild a rich, thick turf base.  

 Hometurf’s add-on services provide extra TLC specifically where your lawn needs it. Receive a fast, free quote for the services of your choice by visiting our website today!