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Guard Your Yard with Our Fall Add-on Services

After the scorcher of a summer we’ve had, now’s the perfect time to guard your yard with our fall add-on services. Our fall services are specifically designed to promote regrowth in order to prepare your lawn for the upcoming harsh Canadian winter while also ensuring that it bounces back when spring rolls around.

Hometurf currently offers 3 fall services including Dethatching, Dethatching and Overseeding, as well as our newest service Deep Root Fertilization for Trees and Shrubs.

Let’s take a closer look at our services and how they can help transition your lawn from summer scorcher to frigid freeze.



So what exactly is “thatch”? Lawn thatch is a layer of turfgrass debris made up of shoots, stems, crowns, and roots that have not yet decomposed. Thatch buildup occurs when your turf produces said debris faster than it can be broken down.

When heavy thatch buildup occurs on lawns, it often leads to a lack of nutrient uptake and improper drainage which leads to poor growing conditions for turf.

Hometurf’s dethatching service uses a mechanical rake to remove any excess thatch buildup so your lawn can be restored to the proper growing conditions it needs to thrive.

Our dethatching service is recommended for lawns with at least ½” of thatch buildup.


Dethatching and Overseeding

In need of thatch removal but looking for a little extra oomph? Why not get the best of both worlds by combining the benefits of dethatching with Hometurf’s Premium Over-Seeding!

In addition to our dethatching service (as outlined above) we spread our unique blend of high-quality, Certified Premium Grass Seed over your lawn to create a lush, thick turf base that not only looks great but also helps defend against intrusive weeds.

Deep Root Fertilization for Trees and Shrubs 

Our newest fall service focuses on replenishing any nutrients that your trees and shrubs may have lost from damage during the summer season. 

Lack of nutrients in plants can present itself in different ways. Signs to watch out for include: 

  • Yellowing or off-coloured leaves 
  • Visible dieback 
  • New shoot growth that is under 6” 

Our Deep Root Fertilization service injects a water-soluble, plant-derived fertilizer into the tree’s canopy, or surrounding soil for shrubs, which delivers depleted nutrients back into the root system. These nutrients are then carried upwards making them available to the plant in preparation for the long, dormant winter period ahead. 


Hometurf’s add-on services are a great way to prepare your yard for the upcoming season. Receive a fast and free online quote by visiting our website today!