The Best Weed Control: Pull or Kill?

Spring is when weeds will start sprouting up in your lawn, so you need to start thinking about weed control. Learn if you should pull or kill your weeds.

Spring is when weeds will start sprouting up in your lawn, so you need to start thinking about weed control. For starters, you should decide whether you’re going to pull or kill any weeds in your lawn.

Weeds grow at faster rate than most other plants, so when they start to take over your lawn, they hog the nutrients and leave the grass in an unhealthy state. In extreme cases, weeds can even start to compete for space on your lawn and kill the weaker plants that are in their way.

To prevent this from happening, you have to tackle weeds early and remove them from your lawn. To do this, there are two main methods: Pulling and Killing.

Pulling Weeds

To pull weeds from your lawn, you have to dig down beneath the roots of the weed and remove the entire patch of soil that they occupy. This can be an effective way to remove stray weeds from your lawn, but when you run into bigger problems, it can become a very labour-intensive process.

Not only is it difficult work, but many weeds have thorns or other physical features that make them difficult to remove.

This also isn’t a guaranteed way to prevent weeds from sprouting on your lawn in the future. First off, it’s impossible to anticipate weeds on your lawn, so when removing already-grown weeds from your lawn, there may still be some getting ready to sprout.

In fact, pulling weeds can sometimes cause this.

When you remove a weed from the base, it can turn up weed seeds in the soil beneath the roots and plant even more in your lawn. This can also leave big holes all over your lawn if the infestation is heavy.

Killing Weeds

Killing weeds is done by spraying your lawn with a selective herbicide. This is a method capable of tackling widespread weed problems with relative ease. Through spraying for weed control, you are able to repel weeds in earlier stages that may not be as practical to pull and without disturbing any seeds that may be resting in the soil.

This is a more consistent solution to weed control and it is available in all Hometurf Lawn Care Programs. We only use all-natural herbicides to take care of any weed problems in an environmentally-friendly way.

Weed control is a season-long battle, which is why we recommend one of our season-long programs to help address any current or potential emergences. Click here to get in touch with a Hometurf professional about lawn care for your home.