Spring Lawn Care Tips

Once your lawn has the weight of snow and ice off of it and has fully dried, it’s time to prepare for summer with spring lawn care! Find out how here.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

In the article we recently posted, we explained why you need to stay off your lawn in the early spring to avoid any further damage that was already done by the harsh winter season. However, once your lawn has the weight of snow and ice off of it and has fully dried, it’s time to prepare for summer with spring lawn care!

Here are five ways you can put your lawn in a position to succeed:


Next, you’ll want to aerate your lawn to loosen the compacted soil from the pressure of the snow and ice being on it all winter. This is done with a machine that removes plugs of grass from your lawn and releases the pressure of the packed down earth by allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate your lawn. Aeration is included in Hometurf’s Complete program.

Thatch Control

Spring is the time where Thatch buildup will start, so if you didn’t dethatch your lawn in the fall, it’s important to do it now. If you did have that service performed in the fall, we still recommend you rake your lawn with a heavy rake to pick up anything left over from the melting snow. Aeration will also help reduce some of the thatch on your lawn.


Next, you’ll need to overseed bare areas. This should take place in your spring lawn care program straight after you’ve aerated your lawn to allow the new seeds to grow strong. Focus on bare areas or any areas that are looking sparse after being weighed and watered down through the winter and melting period. This will also help repel weeds because a thick lawn will be less likely to experience weed growth throughout the season.

You should also keep in mind the brand of seed you’re using. Seed mixes can vary based on quality, blend, shade and durability, not to mention, some brands aren’t even weed-free. . Hometurf’s proprietary grass seed is 100% certified and given the highest rating by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP).

Fertilize & Apply Weed Control

Finally, as part of your spring lawn care, you’ll want to fertilize your lawn and apply herbicides to control future growth of weeds and promote the healthy growth of your lawn. You need to be very careful in applying fertilizer and herbicides to your lawn as they are potent and can cause damage if not used properly. You should also make sure before you buy or apply any products, that they are registered for home-use in your province.

All Hometurf products are all-natural and adhere to all provincial bylaws, and are always applied using the correct timing and application rates which are vital to the health of your lawn.

At Hometurf Lawn Care, our experts are committed to helping you care for and maintain a healthy lawn. We are happy to help you with your spring lawn care and offer programs, assistance and professional advice on what you can do to get your best lawn this season!

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