Lawn sprinkler spraying yellow patch lawn

Top 5 Reasons for Yellow Lawn Patches

Are yellow lawn patches plaguing your once green yard? Have you been wondering what could be causing these to seemingly appear from nowhere? There are actually several common reasons for yellow patches to appear on your lawn, and we’ve outline the top 5 for you here.

1. Physical Damage

Yellow lawn patches could be the result of the way you are cutting it. If the blades of your lawn mower are dull, or cutting unevenly, or even cutting your lawn too short, your lawn will respond by turning yellow as it weakens and is destroyed. Make sure that your lawn mower is working properly and that the mower blades are sharpened and set to cut the grass at the proper height for the type.

2. Water

An excess or inadequate amount of water can cause the yellow patches you’re seeing on your lawn. Make sure your sprinklers aren’t getting stuck and watering certain areas of your lawn too much, and make sure that your lawn is getting the right amount of water in relation to the weather. You must also double check that you’re watering schedule fits the type of grass you have planted so that you’re watering your grass properly.

3. Nutrient Deficiencies

Sometimes, yellow lawn patches are the result of nutrient deficiencies in your lawn. If you haven’t fertilized your lawn yet this season, your lawn may be struggling to survive in the change in weather. Fertilization will provide the nutrients your lawn needs to thrive and grow into the lush, green lawn you’re used to.

4. Fungal Diseases/Insect Infestations

If your lawn has been infected with a fungal disease that targets the grass, you’ll start to see patches of yellow grass beginning to appear. Any insect infestations can also feed on the grass or nest within it, causing discolorations as they absorb the nutrients from your lawn. Following proper cultural practices (good mowing/watering habits) can prevent the likelihood of insect/disease damage. If necessary, these damaged areas can be repaired by raking away thatch and re-seeding in the fall.

5. Soil Compaction

If you have anything sitting on your lawn, like children’s play equipment or furniture, you may be seeing yellow lawn patches around it. This is most likely the result of soil compaction, which in turn doesn’t allow enough oxygen or water to reach the roots of the blades to circulate. Aeration can resolve this issue as it relieves soil compaction and will allow your grass to be replenished with oxygen, water and other nutrients.

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