How to prepare your lawn for the winter

It’s Time to Prepare your Lawn for the Winter!

It’s finally the season to get started on cool-weather lawn care. Fall is an extremely important maintenance time for your lawn. Embrace the change of season by putting a mowing plan in place that prepares your grass for the winter. 

Start Mowing Shorter

By now, you should be gradually lowering the mowing height on your mower. Mowing shorter will help prevent snow mold and will help keep your turf strong enough to prevent matting from the weight of the snow. We recommend mowing to a height of 2 inches, but never remove more than a third of the blade. This means you may need to mow more frequently and gradually, but it will keep your lawn healthy for next season. 

Leave Your Grass as Short as Possible

The final goal of your fall mowing is to leave grass as short as possible without scalping it. Gradually lowering the mowing height and clearing the thatch before the snow arrives will help make your spring cleanup much easier! 

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It’s time to stop mowing when your grass stops growing or if there’s a frost build-up. It’s important to never mow a lawn covered in frost, as this is dangerous to the nutrients in the blades and means the ground is cold. Once this time has come, store away your mower until next season! 

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