Keeping Your Grass Green This Summer

As the summer months draw on, the hot weather can turn your lawn a sad shade of brown. With longer dry spells and the increase in temperature, your lawn can dry out as it struggles to cope. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

We’ve put together this list of lawn care tips to keep your grass as green as your Hometurf technician’s hat. By following along, you can ensure your lawn is the envy of your neighbourhood—and not just for its Hometurf lawn sign!  

Staying Hydrated 

As the summer heats up, you need to make sure you stay hydrated and the same is true for your grass. However, there’s an art to watering your lawn in the summer which involves timing, depth and the type of water. First up, it is important to think about the time of day you water your lawn. We recommend you water as early as possible in the morning to avoid evaporation at the hottest period of midday. You should always finish watering by 10 am and avoid watering at night as the moisture can promote fungus growth 

Your Lawn’s in Deep Water 

You might think it is better to water frequently during the summer months, but it‘s more effective to water deeply and infrequently. By turning the sprinklers on for longer than usual but less often, it enables the grass roots to grow deep into the soil which will allow them to withstand the hottest days.  

 Growing in the Rain 

When possible, watering your lawn with rainwater can be beneficial for both your grass and the planet. Not only will you be saving water by making use of the rain collected from summer storms, but fresh rainwater is also much more nutritional than tap water. Learn more about the benefits of using rainwater in our latest blog post.   

Mow High 

We recommend keeping your grass high during the hot months by increasing the height you mow and mowing more frequently. While it may be tempting to mow short and less often, keeping your grass longer encourages the roots to delve deeper into the soil which improves hydration. This is because your lawn will be able to capture water deep underground, a trait that will prove beneficial during dry spells. The longer blades of grass will also provide shade from the strong summer sun. 

Mow Sharp 

Dull blades are your enemy and it is vital to keep your mower sharp to ensure you make the cleanest cut when you mow. If mower blades aren’t kept sharp, you will often shred grass which can promote disease and deteriorate the health of the plant. Keeping sharp is especially important during the summer as your lawn mower suddenly becomes the hottest tool in your tool shed. 

In order to make sure your lawn stays at its absolute best this summer, sign up to Hometurf Lawn Care by getting an instant online quote. For information about our services, visit our FAQ page and for all the best tips and tricks, check out our other blog posts!