Is Your Lawn Equipment Ready for Spring?

Get ahead of the game this season by taking preventative measures from expensive repairs and lawn care frustrations. Here are some tips to make sure your equipment is ready to use when the snow melts!

Clean your tools

While the snow is still falling, giving your tools a thorough cleaning will save you time when the snow has left for good. Be sure to empty all gas tanks and disconnect any spark plug wires before beginning. Soap and hot water or water from a garden hose should do the trick to remove grass and other debris.

Check your spark plugs

Prevent engine misfires by checking for worn-out spark plugs on gas-powered tools that could cause poor fuel economy and potential engine damage. Depending on the condition of the plug, it may need to be cleaned, adjusted or replaced. If you are unsure, refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Check for broken and loose parts

Inspect your tools for broken parts—and don’t forget about the cords! If anything is damaged, repair or replace it at your earliest convenience. Be sure to refer to the owner’s manual for part numbers and if needed, warranty info. Check the screws, nuts and bolts and tighten any that are loose to prevent mechanical failure down the road.

Replace old fuel filters

Worn-out fuel filters can lead to poor fuel economy, difficult starts and the potential for a carburetor rebuild. Designed to keep dirt and debris out of the fuel mix, almost all fuel filters are replaceable and inexpensive. When replacing a filter it is important to inspect the fuel line. Look for cracks or weathering and inspect the clamps holding the fuel line in place.

Sharpen the blades

Lawn mower blades are put under a lot of stress throughout the maintenance season. Rocks, branches and other debris can quickly dull the cutting edges, producing a poor quality of cut. When inspecting the blades check for chips or cracks on each side of the cutting surface. Replacements will be necessary if the blades are worn or have imperfections beyond repair.

Taking good care of your lawn equipment and a great maintenance program are required to create a healthy green lawn! We can help make sure you get the right program based on your lawn needs. Learn more about our services by visiting our FAQ page or calling 1-888-791-8873. Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts to help you maintain a beautiful lawn this upcoming season!