White dog enjoying spending time on his pet-friendly lawn.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Backyard Dangers

Now we’re in the midst of summer you and your pets want to enjoy the beautiful weather in your yard. It’s a great place for relaxing, playing and entertaining. So, the last thing on your mind should be worrying about the safety of your furry family members. That’s why we’ve put together tips so everyone in your family can enjoy your yard stress-free.  

Be Aware of Toxic Plants 

Perform an audit of plants, flowers, and vegetables you already have growing in your space. Keep your pets off other yards if you’re not sure what kinds of plants they have. This includes parks and other public yard areas as well to help keep your pets happy and healthy. Common vegetables like onions, garlic, tomatoes, and chives are important to keep an eye out for as they can be poisonous to your pets.  

Use Pet-safe Fertilizers, Pest Control and Lawn Treatments 

Always double-check lawn products to ensure they are pet-friendly before purchasing. If it isn’t clear on the package, a customer service representative can assist, otherwise, it’s better safe than sorry. Hometurf’s fertilizer, pest control and weed spray are all safe for every single member of your family, whether they’re furry or not.

Pet friendly lawn care treatment used by Hometurf.

Keep Tools Out of Reach 

Yard tools should always be stored properly after use. This may seem less important; however, common lawn tools are known for causing eye, paw and nose injuries to your pets from sharp or rusty tools. So, if possible, make sure your tools are stored away in a shed or garage when not in use. When you are using tools, make sure to keep your pets away and out of the yard for a few hours.  

Maintain Your Lawn 

Making sure your lawn stays fresh, green and tool-free is the best way to ensure your pets are safe. Keeping a well-maintained lawn will make it easier to spot dangers like broken glass, forgotten garden tools, or even a wild animal. Hometurf provides lawn services and packages so you and your furry loved ones can all sit back and enjoy your yard worry-free this summer.  

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