Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Damaging Insects

A healthy, well-treated lawn is a beautiful thing. But as we all know, there can be problems that come with maintaining such green grass. A lot of bugs and pests can be harmless for the most part, but it’s the lawn damaging insects you don’t see that can really take a toll on your turf.

Lawn damaging insects are often hard to detect, but can have a devastating impact on your lawn. An example of a very common lawn pest is called a grub. These are larval-formed insects that are very common in the months of June, July and August. Grubs are known for creating patches of dying lawn as they devour green grass roots. When the grubs destroy the root system, sections of your lawn will turn brown and wilt. If you pull it back, you’ll see all the grubs underneath, where they feast.

Along with the patches you’ll see, you may also notice parts of the lawn that appear to be dug in. Grubs are a tasty treat for skunks and other nocturnal animals, resulting in a search for them night after night under the turf, further damaging your lawn.

Another common lawn damaging insect is the leatherjacket. This insect, also known as the European Crane Fly, can actually be responsible for the majority of the damage you see in your lawn. Leatherjackets resemble short worms that are light grey to greenish brown with a black back. They’ll feed on the crowns, stems, roots and blades of turf, resulting in brown patches on your lawn in April and May.

Once it grows into an adult, the Crane Fly looks like a giant mosquito and is most commonly seen in mid September. They’ll begin to lay their eggs almost immediately that will hatch in 10 to 15 days. The newly hatched leatherjackets will begin feeding and growing rapidly by late September to prepare for winter. Once spring comes around again, they’ll begin to feed once more. Treatments are most effectively applied in the fall or early spring months. Skunks and birds will also be digging up your lawn in search for these pests, so if you suspect leatherjackets, it’s best to control them as soon as possible.

Lastly, one of the most common types of lawn damaging insects are Chinch bugs. These insects are most commonly found in the sunny areas of your lawn and suck on the grass stems, effectively killing your lawn. As a result, you’ll notice irregular shaped patches of dead brown grass that is still firmly attached to the ground. These insects also tend to appear when there is a drought as they feed in dry weather. Well-watered lawns can regulate the risk of these insects ever appearing.

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