Environmental Benefits - Lawn Care

Environmental Benefits of Taking Better Care of Your Lawn

With spring on the way, we’d like to start by laying down the law(n) and sharing the environmental benefits of caring for your lawn. Yes, having a lush green lawn isn’t just about looks, you’re doing yourself and the environment a favour!

Turfgrass Replenishes Air

Did you know a 15 x 15m lawn produces enough oxygen to support 4 people for the entire year? Not to mention, the average 18 hole golf course has been known to produce enough oxygen for 10,000 people!

When turfgrass is well maintained, pollen production is also reduced and can prevent the growth of undesirable weeds that produce airborne pollen. Additionally, turfgrass traps dust and other airborne allergies within its stands. So for all of you suffering from annoying seasonal allergies, you could find relief from a little more TLC for your lawn!

Turfgrass Regulates Temperature

A healthy lawn reduces the need for air conditioning, thus conserving energy and saving money. This is a result of transpiration, which creates an interesting cooling effect that lowers the temperature of the air around the turfgrass. Studies have found that the amount of heat produced by bare land or poorly-maintained turf is substantial compared to that of healthy, maintained stands of turfgrass. With regular maintenance, you could benefit from having a lush green lawn while saving on expensive AC bills!

Turfgrass Promotes Safety

Well-managed turfgrass can prevent fires from spreading out of control. This is due to the plants’ low growth patterns and high water content within the plant tissue. Additionally, healthy lawns can deter pests from invading and creating habitats within your yard. Rodents also tend to avoid crossing through large areas of turfgrass.

Statistics have also proven that natural turf is effective in reducing injuries when compared to artificial surfaces. Children can benefit from healthy turfgrass as it offers a soft and safe surface, with many children prone to injuring themselves while playing.

Achieving a healthy lawn can be time consuming! We can make sure you get the right program to achieve the great environmental benefits of a lush green lawn. Learn more about our services by visiting our FAQ page or calling 1-888-791-8873. Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts to help you maintain a beautiful lawn this upcoming season!