Early Prevention of Snow Mould

Canadian homeowners are always cautious of the mould that could infest their homes, but many don’t know about snow mould and the dead patches of grass it can cause on your lawn. Snow mould can easily be prevented if you take the necessary precautions to protect your yard before and during winter. Read on to learn how you can stop snow mould from damaging your lawn.

What is Snow Mould and What Causes It?

As the snow starts to melt in the spring, you may begin to notice patches of straw-coloured grass; this is snow mould. These areas of grass usually begin to minimize as the weather changes, but there is a chance they can spread and worsen if they’re not treated properly.

So what exactly causes snow mould? Simply put, snow mould is caused by snow and the moisture it creates early in the season. Since the ground has yet to freeze entirely, it is susceptible to mould when there is heavy snowfall.


How Do I Prevent and Treat Snow Mould?

One thing you can do to defend your turf against snow mould is to avoid piling shovelled snow along your driveways and walkways. Snow melts faster when spread out, which minimizes the potential for snow mould. Another tip is to cut your grass shorter before the first snowfall. This will prevent moisture from getting trapped in the grass under the snow.


If these defences don’t work, there are a couple of things you can do to fix the damage caused by snow mould. The first thing you need to do is rake the damaged areas to help the grass breathe and dry out. Mow your lawn shorter than usual until the mould has stopped growing; this will minimize moisture and fungal growth that tall grass tends to hold. Finally, if the damage is severe, overseeding the bare spots will help restore your lawn.


Taking early precautions to protect your yard from snow mould will have you enjoying a lush green lawn next spring. It’s important to defend your grass against the harsh Canadian winter, but we know it can also be time-consuming. Save yourself the trouble of lawn care maintenance and prepare your grass for next season by giving us a call at 1.888.791.8873. You can also check out our other blog posts to learn more tips and tricks to help you create a thriving lawn next spring!