Deep Root Fertilizer: A New Fall Add-On Service

So far this year, we’ve discussed what’s important when caring for your lawn and how Hometurf Lawn care professionals can help. As summer gives way to fall, it’s time to start thinking about what we can do to support our heartier vegetation. Compared to the sensitive nature of grass, the trees and shrubs in your yard might seem like they can fend for themselves; but the truth is, they could use a little (okay, a lot!) of TLC too!   

Why is Deep Root Fertilization Important?

Did you know that the surrounding environment contributes to a big difference between the trees and shrubs in your yard compared to those found in the forest? Due to being transplanted, subjected to landscape changes, and forced to compete for nutrients with grass and other plants, the trees and shrubs in your yard are working much harder to survive and thrive than those found in natural forest environments. As a result, your trees are more likely to grow slower, be susceptible to insects and disease, and have shorter lifespans overall.  

With this in mind, we offer a Deep Root Fertilization service specifically for trees and shrubs. Our trained technicians inject a liquid fertilizer, a proprietary blend of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, 6-8 inches into the soil near trees and shrubs. This is to ensure that nutrients can more effectively reach the roots. Once the fertilizer enters the root system, nutrients are carried upwards and made available to the rest of the tree.

deep root fertilization process

It’s important to keep in mind that newly transplanted trees or shrubs won’t benefit from fertilization as much as more established trees or shrubs do! New plants need time to establish a larger, more complex root system before they’re ready to enter a period of more rapid growth. 

When Do I Need Deep Root Fertilization?

We recommend this service once or twice in both the spring and fall.  During the fall, trees and shrubs can benefit from an extra boost of nutrients to help sustain them throughout their dormant winter period and during the spring, fertilization provides support for a seasons worth of growth ahead. 

If you’re wondering whether this service is right for you, here are some common indicators that your trees and shrubs could use a boost: 

  • Yellowing or off-colour leaves 
  • New shoot growth is under 6 inches 
  • Visible dieback (gradual deterioration of health in trees)

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, consider adding our Deep Root Fertilization service to your lawn care program! Simply visit our website or call our customer service team at 888-791-8873 today!