Why Should You Choose All Natural Lawn Care?

In recent years, the term “natural” has been used abundantly in reference to food, cleaning products, and cosmetics. It’s clear that living naturally is becoming increasingly important in our society.  For this reason, it’s surprising how infrequently we hear people discussing the benefits of caring for your lawn in such a way.  Natural lawn care has benefits that reach far beyond a healthy green lawn, read below to learn about them!


1. It’s Good for the Environment

There are several reasons why all natural lawn care is easy on the planet. Chemicals used in some lawn care practices can be introduced into water systems when it rains. This contaminated water runs off into bodies of water, which can be harmful not only to the aquatic life living there, but also to the surrounding wildlife reliant on the water.

On the other hand, using products such as our phosphorus free fertilizer will reduce the impact of lawn care on the ecosystem. Our product in particular reduces ecological damage to water systems because high levels of phosphorus in water leads to an increase in the growth of algae that is harmful to humans and wildlife. Learn more in our article about The Importance of Using Phosphorus Free Fertilizer.

2. It’s Safe for your Family

All-natural lawn care products are safe for use around children and pets, who love to crawl and spend time in the grass. Children are growing, and by using lawn care products composed of natural elements, you can feel secure knowing that having a lush lawn will not have an effect on their health. Using all-natural lawn care services is one way of keeping your kids and pets safe when enjoying time on your lawn.



3. It’s the Law

As of 2009, over 170 communities in Canada and two provinces in their entirety have severely restricted pesticide usage. These restrictions are enforced through firm regulations, and in Ontario and Quebec, through provincial laws banning pesticide use for cosmetic purposes. Pesticides have been strictly regulated for decades to ensure that the safest products possible are used in our neighborhoods. However, the ban ensures that there is legal backing to keep us safe and hold everyone accountable. While many lawn products are not illegal to use nor are they harmful to the planet, reducing our reliance on them is an important step toward protecting our health and the earth.


As you can see, the benefits of natural lawn care are plentiful. Hometurf proudly supports lawn care practices that reduce the impact we have on our planet, and on the health of our community members. If you would like to learn more about our natural lawn care services, give us a call at 1.888.791.8873 and speak with one of our experts!