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Benefits of Weed Control Lawn Care Services

Spring is here, and the question is not “if” but “when” the weeds will start to appear. One of the services highly recommended for this time of year is Hometurf’s signature Weed Control. We go above and beyond in tackling these pesky leaves and grasses by treating your lawn as part of our Deluxe, Complete, and Ambassador programs, as well as interlocking patio, driveway, and stonework spaces with an add-on service.  

Why HomeTurf Weed Control?   

Hometurf Weed Control formula is designed to target the most common seasonal complaints such as clover, thistle, and the dreaded dandelion, most effectively. On the one hand, Canadian thistle is considered a toxic weed and dangerously aggressive in its ability to spread; thereby posing a risk to other native plant species. On the other hand, clover and dandelions are harmless and actually have plenty of health benefits for animals and humans alike; however, they will swiftly reduce the integrity of your lawn. All these weeds are similar in their ability to vigorously reproduce and aggressively spread, ultimately standing between you and the lawn of your dreams.  


The good news is that these weeds are simply no match for the Hometurf signature Weed Control formula called Fiesta; a liquid herbicide derived from iron. Approved by Health Canada, and congruent with provincial regulations, it’s the best defence against broadleaf weeds. Fiesta is odourless, all-natural, non-toxic, and most importantly, works quickly. Within days of an application, you will begin to see weeds darken and die-off. The discolouration is completely harmless and usually disappears within 7 to 10 days. Fiesta is a reactive treatment, meaning that it specifically targets broadleaf weeds like clover, thistle and dandelion that have already begun to grow. Don’t worry! To ensure continued control over these weeds, each of our lawn care programs include three scheduled applications of Fiesta in May, July, and September.  

This formula is rain-fast within three hours, meaning that it is resistant to adverse effects of regular rainfall. However, it can be negatively impacted by excessive water and humidity. If there is no change in the treated weeds within three days, we will gladly provide a free reapplication! Weed control is in Hometurf’s control.   


Act early this year to schedule weed control services all season long. Weed maintenance with Hometurf is as easy as: 

  1. Calling us at 1-888-791-8873, 
  2. Entering your property address at https://hometurf.ca or 
  3. Emailing us at [email protected] 

 Our friendly and knowledgeable client service members and technicians are ready to help!