Hometurf technician using fertilizer

Benefits of Fertilization Lawn Care Services

When thinking about fertilization this season, think Hometurf for your lawn fertilization needs. Not all fertilizers are created equal, and some formulas are less effective when applied in the spring. So, did you know that Hometurf’s lawn fertilization service uses the highest grade of slow-release granular fertilizer available on the market, manufactured specifically for Hometurf’s use? In choosing Hometurf Lawn Care company, you’re choosing the best service for your lawn.  

The Formula 

With the variety of lawn fertilization products available, you might be wondering what all the hype is about surrounding Hometurf’s lawn fertilization service. Our proprietary fertilizer formula is golf-course quality because our standards are as high as the grass is green.  

One of the benefits of Hometurf’s fertilization service is our signature blend: a combination of nitrogen and potassium. Nitrogen promotes both grass root and blade growth, and makes your grass a bright, lush green colour. Potassium strengthens grass root, providing resistance to disease and weather changes. Together, these ingredients assist in long-term lawn maintenance by promoting the health and stability of your lawn. You might have noticed that Hometurf has excluded phosphorus from its signature blend. Phosphorus has photosynthesis capabilities, but these advantages are outweighed by the much larger-scale disadvantages for the environment and our ecosystems. The most concerning issue is that a long-term build-up of phosphorus in the soil can seep into ground water, which promotes the growth of algae harmful to both humans and animals. Hometurf Lawn Care is proud to provide products and services that promote the integrity of your lawn and the environment.  

Another benefit of our fertilization service is our granular slow-releasing fertilizer ensures that your lawn reaps steady nutritional benefits over a longer period of time. Each granule has a polymer coating, activated by specific levels of moisture. This technology ensures the continued effectiveness of the fertilizer application, even after a dry weather spell. You can rest assured that Hometurf’s fertilization service is always consistent, even when the weather isn’t.   


When it comes to arranging your lawn care service this spring, trust the professionals at Hometurf Lawn Care Company. Hometurf’s lawn fertilization service is the spring lawn care service you need to bring your lawn back to life. The best lawn care company chooses products and services that don’t compromise between what’s best for your lawn and the environment, it does it all; and that company is Hometurf.  

Spring into action and call Hometurf today to book your lawn fertilization service! Contact Hometurf customer service by calling 1-888-791-8873 or emailing [email protected]