Address Driveway and Patio Weeds with Ease

By this time of year, most people should have control of the weed situation on their lawn. They have picture perfect grass and they’ve adopted some techniques to withstand the summer heat. Then, they look at their driveway and see the patio weeds that won’t stop coming back.

It’s never a pretty sight next to your lawn, or even through it if you have weeds sprouting up in your walkway, but there are much easier solutions than trying to pull out them over and over again.

The roots to these driveway and patio weeds are often trapped and protected underneath the surface, which means when you pull them, you may not be getting everything you need to fully exterminate the infestation. The best and easiest way to address this issue is through Hometurf Lawn Care. If you already have one of our programs, you’re familiar with the quality of work that we offer, and at any time, we can add driveway and patio weed control.

If you’re not familiar with our services, ask around! We are recognized in our region as an award-winning lawn care company and we only offer top-quality products.

We have total faith in our ability to put any driveway or patio weeds away for good, but there are some steps you can take to keep them from coming back. Follow these simple tips, and you are much less likely to need to tack on additional weed control to your seasonal program:

  • Ensure the cracks in between your patio and driveway are properly filled – The weeds that sprout up in these spaces weren’t there before your driveway or patio was constructed, they come from seedlings that land in the area. If they are growing, that probably means there is a spot of exposed soil that they were able to land on. Fill it, and you’re much less likely to see more.
  • Improve drainage – Weeds thrive in a cool, damp environment. If you are able to make the soil beneath these surfaces less likely to collect water, they will become less habitable for weeds. 
  • Sweep the Area – We all have that neighbour that religiously sweeps their driveway and walkway, well it’s not for no reason. That neighbour probably doesn’t have any weeds on their patio and this could be one of the reasons. Sweeping can disturb any landed seedlings and discourage them from rooting in the area.

If you’re having problems with driveway, walkway or patio weeds, feel free to get in touch with us. Click here and we’ll have a professional offer you some advice.