A Guide to Harvesting Rainwater

To say this has been a wet summer would be an understatement. While it may be ruining your outdoor summer plans, make the most of the rainfall this season! Rainwater harvesting is a collection of the run-off from a structure or other impermeable surface to store it for later use. Traditionally, this involves harvesting the rain from a roof which is collected in gutters and channeled into a storage vessel. Harvesting rainwater isn’t just for those in rural areas, rainwater harvesting is a great way for every household to collect and reuse water.  

What are the Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater?  

  • Rainwater is a relatively clean and free source of water 
  • It promotes self-sufficiency and helps conserve water 
  • Beneficial for landscape plants and gardens because it is not chlorinated and has less chemicals 
  • It contains nitrogen which is an essential nutrient for grass plants as it supports photosynthesis 
  • It can solve the drainage problems on your property 



How to Harvest Rainwater 

Hometurf wants to ensure you’re all set to start harvesting your own water so we’ve compiled some tips for your use! Once you collect your rainwater, read our blog about how often you should be watering your lawn.  

Make sure your roof is usable for water harvesting 

You want to make sure your roof is non-toxic. Some roofs are composed of lead-based paints, and that is the last thing that you want in your water. Even if it’s just being used to water the lawn. 

Avoid pollutants in your water 

Any dips or unhinged gutters may be pooling stagnant water. This can lead to mosquito breeding, or even worse it can lead to diseases proliferating in your rainwater collection.  

Keep your gutters clear 

Debris will not only impact the quality of the water, but it will also impact how much water you collect. Try installing a fireproof mesh over your gutters that will prevent any leaves or sticks from collecting in and blocking your gutter! 


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